Why come to Fibre-East?

Whether you are looking to discover a brand new craft and you are starting from scratch or perfecting a skill that you have been honing for a number of years Fibre-East have the perfect toolbox of experts and equipment to assist you. Ever wondered how many spinners it takes to ‘feed’ a weaver?

Well come and find out! Two Guilds have joined forces for the weekend and you are welcome to sit and card fleece to assist, or even spin for a while.

Who should come?

Our visitors have one thing in common: passion. We love to welcome novices who have just begun to take an interest in craft and wish to learn more. We also welcome those who have long mastered their craft but want to share their expertise or stock up on beautiful supplies from our rich assortment of artisan producers.

No crafter is too young or too old, too experienced or too new to craft. We are a welcoming and friendly show where help and advice is in abundance.  We aim to enable the continuation of the crafts of hand spinning, knitting, dyeing, weaving, felting and crochet to name but a few.

We do this by showcasing the very best of these crafts, by providing inspiration and advice when needed and our wide range of artisan producers offering any equipment and accessories you could wish for.

Fibre-East’s ambitions

The aim of Fibre-East is to celebrate the Best of British: the finest quality British wool made from the fleeces of British sheep reared by British farmers. This remains at the core of everything we do and everything we try to achieve.

We hope to encourage and educate a community of crafters who have varying levels of experience and expertise. Ultimately what we want is for all that attend to share their passion for craft in an environment that inspires creativity.

Previous Awards

Previous recipients – 2016

North Herts Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers.
Provision of an Ashford Katie Loom.
“Heart felt thanks for the superb Ashford Katie Loom. It was such a wonderful surprise and so kind of you to bring it to us personally. It will certainly be cherished and in constant use! With very best wishes.”

The (Kempston) Net Charitable Trust.
Materials and equipment for mixed media art work on canvas for 40 women at our group sessions.

LE – Student
Support to participate in an online workshop with Dionne Swift.

Previous recipients – 2015

The (Kempston) Net Charitable Trust.
Equipment for making Felted Bowls/vessels and bags with 2 groups of 15 people.
“I am writing to thank you so very to Fibre-East for the very generous funding given again to The Project. We feel so privileged to have your continued support this year. The ladies we work with loved the wet felting project earlier this term and now, thanks to your generosity, we will be able to encourage the girls to experiment with mixed media which I am sure they will love.”

Previous recipients – 2014

Holt Community Primary School, Norfolk.
Assistance requested to purchase basic knitting equipment/yarn to expand the school knitting group. A very successful group was started with the children and this club is to be expanded to include the parents.
“Thank you so much for the generous donation given to our knitting club from Fibre-East. We shall use the money to purchase needles and yarn ready to launch a club to involve parents and carers knitting alongside the children. I hope that we will be able to enthuse a generation that seemed to have missed out on learning the skill of knitting!…”

The (Kempston) Net Charitable Trust (Project 229).
Assistance requested for materials to make weaving frames for projects with 2 separate groups of around 15-20 people. Project 229 helps ladies who feel slightly dis-connected with the community for various reasons. This project will also involve a similar group set up to help men. The men at The Net will make the looms for the ladies!
“I am writing to thank you for the very generous donation to the Net Charitable Trust… We are so excited by the prospect of having looms available for both community and personal art projects at the Net groups. As you know from your visit, craft is an integral part of what we do here as we seek to create a relaxed atmosphere for the isolated women who are referred to us. It increases their confidence, encourages new skills and enables them to take steps towards friendship and working with others. Your gift will enable us to complete something very special and I am sure ‘M’ will ensure you receive photographs along the way… With gratitude… “

Previous recipients – 2013

Textile Department at Redborne School.
Fibre-East purchased an Ashford 20″ Knitters Loom, Stand and the three extra reeds, together with two books: Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving and The Weavers Idea Book.

Bedfordshire Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers.
For assistance with the purchase of a 32” Ashford 4 Shaft Table Loom. Fibre-East were very pleased to purchase the loom for the Guild.
“On behalf of Bedfordshire Guild of WSD, I would like to thank Fibre-East for it’s most generous donation of a loom which I am quite sure the members will put to very good use in the future. Hopefully, we will also be able to find opportunities to demonstrate to the public the functions of the loom and the benefits of using it. Also, when we are familiar with it, some of our members will feel that they can also use it as a teaching aid in the wider community”

Michelle Dibdin, Feltmaker.
For assistance towards a Master Class with Andrea Graham via webcam.
“Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say ‘Thank you’ for the contribution to my Master Class with Andrea Graham. I am so excited! I just got back from holiday and it was a wonderful surprise! Thanks again and looking forward to the Event next year…”

Previous recipients – 2012

Judith MacKenzie.
Lost her entire workshop in a fire and Fibre-East sourced and supplied a brand new spinning wheel for her personal use.

Miss YB (Milton Keynes).
Currently working on her C&G Hand Knitting 7716-16, the request was for help with either books or towards her Module 3. After making contact with Miss YB’s mentor, FE was very happy to donate sufficient to pay for her Module 3.
“I just wanted to thank the Directors of Fibre-East for their kind donation towards my next C&G Module. It is truly appreciated. Also I have noted the details of next year’s event. I’m looking forward to attending and bringing along my completed module.”

Local charitable group (Bedfordshire).
Providing an environment for women feeling isolated; whether by language, economic situation, domestic violence, mental illness or other circumstances. The request was for ‘fluff and stuff’ to run a felting workshop with these ladies. Fibre-East happily sent funds to help purchase supplies.
“I just wanted to say a really big thank you to Fibre-East for the donation you sent to us towards the cost of felt making equipment. We appreciate your support and very much look forward to sharing with you how the money has been used.”

Previous recipients – 2011

Fibre-East donated sufficient funds to the Guild of Long Draw Spinners to enable them to finally place their order with David Bryant to have a custom made Great Wheel. The Guild use this wheel to take to shows and demonstrations.

The money Fibre-East makes available for the Grant/Award scheme comes solely from our footfall money, so thank you to all who come and make this possible.

Acknowledgements and thanks to our volunteers and suppliers

We give huge thanks to our team of wonderful volunteers, some of them working all day every day from the Thursday right through to Sunday when we finish. Without them, the smooth running of the Event would not be possible.

Fairytale Marquees


Nick has been with us since year one…..long may it continue Nick! It has been fun!

Mealtime Catering


David joined us (with some reservations) in 2011 our very first show…..he has been providing good food, wonderful breakfasts and gorgeous Devon Cream Teas ever since!

Akita Security


Another who has been with us since Year 1 – providing our overnight security needs to keep a watchful eye over things during the night.

Leighton Hire


Providers of our security fencing and have been excellent to deal with.

Mick George – Waste Management and Recycling


Joining us for the first time in 2017 and will be providing all our large waste bins

First Aid and Fire Extinguishers


2017 sees us making use of these services provided by the Airfield Volunteer Fire Service and we look forward to meeting them for the first time.

Bonfire Ci


Big thanks to the Team at Bonfire for being tolerant and providing us with our website, artwork and producing the leaflets and brochures.



Always providing us with excellent quotations and excellent service!