More news from Blogland! Vero, the vlogger who initially got in contact with us asking about the possibility of having a meet-up area at Fibre-East has very kindly sent us the link to her vlog. Take a look at it and I bet you spot some things that you missed on the day! You can find it here. Plans are already in place for a meet-up area next year. It’s a wonderful way for people to get a feel for the show.

Here are a couple more blogs we’ve come across with reports on Fibre-East 2016.

Just Saying

Freyalyn’s Fibres

The Knackered Psycho

Beautiful Things

If you come across any more, please let us know and we’ll share them with the wider world.

This year’s photographs are also available to view on Flickr. Be warned, there are quite a lot of them! The 2016 album is here. We’ll be picking out a few favourites to share with you next time. Until then, I’ll leave you with some of the faces behind this year’s fabulous event. (The Very Important People are wearing pink hi-vis!)

 29141495426_124308d2c1_z  28887585300_3263294013_z

Jan, Allison and Angela

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Cols and Gill


Ali and Abbi (and yes, that is an official volunteer mug that Ali’s drinking from! This year’s volunteers were given one as a little ‘thank you’ for their help.)